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Rowing Accessories

We're proud to supply good quality rowing accessories to the NZ market. Tried, tested and cost-effective. Call or email Sally for more info and to order.

Boat Trestles

Swift Boat trestles (aka boat slings, boat dumps, or boat stands) come in three sizes, sold in pairs.

We keep stock in Nelson, and where possible we deliver at regattas, as these are bulky to freight.

Spare parts are available - replacement nylon fabric sling if years of sun or salt water damage the original. Trestles are boxed up for easy transport.


Our boat trestles are also useful as waka, surfski and kayak stands.

Large size (for rowing fours and eights or waka) $240+GST. Also available with black steel frame. 

Small Size (for rowing singles and doubles and kayaks) $200+GST

Minis (for singles or surfskis) $90+GST


Boat Lights

These rowing bow lights are bright! Waterproof, floating, rechargeable, magnetised, white LED lights with various flash patterns. With a cheap little bracket from the hardware store bolted onto the number holder, this light will sit securely on top, visible from all directions. Also suitable for all other watercraft, and handy to keep in the car as a safety item for emergencies.

A set of four bowlights $280+GST +P&P

Individual light $80+GST +P&P

Seat Wheels

Regular replacement of rowing seat wheels is a fact of life. Changing out those old, stuck or 'square' wheels will make a huge difference to the rowing experience.


A bag of 100 seat wheels $500+GST

50 wheels $250+GST

Less than 50 wheels, $8+GST each

Either for delivery at regattas or plus P&P


Small Parts

We carry a good range of small rowing parts for boat maintenance or for your spares kit.

Nut Knobs $5+GST each (for foot stretchers or gates)

Tube Nuts $8+GST each (for between the rowing shoes)

T-bolts $8+GST each (foot stretchers)

Nylon Wing Nuts $5+GST each (eg to secure seat rails)

Water Resistant Socks

These socks will keep your feet warm and dry while rowing - or hiking,  hunting, walking the dog, mowing the lawns etc. 

In three lengths and a good size range, these are a great piece of rowing kit, and an ideal gift.

They don't fall down inside gumboots.

Size is printed on the inside of the cuff. 

These don't need washing often. Use a wool wash and peg up by the very tiptoes, inside out, else the water will just sit inside.

Small - EU 36-38

Medium EU 39-42

Large EU43-46

XLarge 47-49

Ankle Length (black/orange) $50 +P&P

Calf Length (blue) $55 +P&P

Under Knee (Grey) $60 +P&P

Socks in Hut.jpg
Swift Caps.jpg

Mesh Caps

Our breathable Mesh Caps are super-comfortable to wear, you will forget you even have a cap on.

We chose bright colours to help rowers be visible on the water. Turns out our customers find that's also useful for hiking, and even for crowded events like festivals - get a set of these and it will be easy to find your friends in a crowd!

We also have navy blue for the more conservative types :-)

All colours $25 +P&P

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